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IT Crowd in a former parking garage


Brno, Czechia

The Brno IT company Futured, formerly The Funtasty, focusing on the development of mobile applications, has decided to move to a new headquarters in Brno. Their new offices are located on the premises of the former parking garage Rozmarýn. 


A full-fledged office without compromise was created in a place where, until recently, dozens of cars crossed daily. Our goal was to work with the legacy of the parking garage and the remains of its distinctive aesthetics. In addition to the oblique shore and steel rod, there was a generous empty space left after the building’s original purpose, allowing a free and open approach to the layout solution


The individual workplaces are sensationally separated by semi-transparent boxes of meeting rooms. The compact space, which is passable in all directions, is transformed into a system of variously exposed work bays, intersections used for short meetings, meeting rooms of several scales, and places intended for rest and entertainment. The technological heart of the office is Device Lab, a sophisticated library of mobile devices on which coders and developers test emerging applications. Thanks to the well-thought-out design, tablets and phones on the shelves look as if they are books just put down.


A cultivated dialogue of contrasts – seemingly contradictory technological processes, materials, and colors, is present at every step. To a large extent, we have chosen to preserve the ‘spirit of the place’. The result is an open, flowing space, connected by a canopy of an exposed technological ceiling painted white. The technological and structural relics of the parking garage have become part of the design.


„The collaboration with Martin & Ján was very inspiring. I appreciated the fact that they focus on the workplace, and thanks to that, we have a lot of small details in the space, which we value every day.“

Lukáš Strnadel

CEO, Futured

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    Brno, Czechia

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    340 m²

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    Ján Antal
    Martin Stára
    Andrej Tušan

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    Kateřina Sojková


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