4.Kvadrant Vítězného náměstí / 4th Quadrant of Victory Square

4th Quadrant of Victory Square

Fourth Quadrant

Praha 6, Česká Republika

Architectural competition for the completion of the 4th Quadrant of Victory Square in Dejvice. In an international competition of 44 teams, we won second place in cooperation with Cityfoerster. How do we envision completing Engel’s vision in light of the new needs of the city?

2nd place in an international architecture competition w/ CITYFÖRSTER

4.Kvadrant Vítězného náměstí


4th Quadrant of Victory Square is today a gap in the central part of the city. The new block on Vítězné náměstí in Dejvice must fulfil several functions, primarily to offer apartments, space for the university, office space, cultural halls and commercial space. Residents of Dejvice and visitors will be able to take advantage of new shops, services and restaurants. We are taking care to complete the original architectural and urban design concept with respect to the new needs of the residents and high quality public spaces.

4.Kvadrant Vítězného náměstí


In the proposal we focused on 4 themes:

/ Completing Engel’s vision of the 4th Quadrant of Victory Square with regard to the new needs of the residents.

/ Create a new urban concept of symmetrical blocks with quality public space

/ Design Dejvice-inspired architecture that brings new opportunities for work, living, education and culture

/ Design a sustainable and efficient structure with quality material solutions that will stand the test of time

4.Kvadrant Vítězného náměstí

A varied scale and layout of well-proportioned public spaces that will be easily traversable, accessible and offer stopping and staying opportunities. We are creating a new destination not only for the residents of Dejvice, but for the whole of Prague. It offers shared spaces for a variation of public events, exhibition spaces or student club facilities.

Project information

  • Client

    Fourth Quadrant

  • Year


  • Location

    Praha 6, Česká Republika

  • Size

    102 000 m²

  • Visualisations

    Dousek & Záborský, Perspektiv

  • Authors

    Perspektiv & Cityförster


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