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Bratislava, Slovakia

A major player in the Slovak IT business, Websupport, turned to us with a request to realize new offices. The company has undergone major changes in recent years, growing so much that it had to move from its existing offices to larger ones, which are located in Bratislava’s dynamically developing district – Mlynské Nivy.

BigSEE Interior Design Award 2019/ winner
Office roka 2019 – Kancelária ako DNA firmy / winner



The client formulated a clear assignment, which involved implementing their merely boarding culture into the area and creating pleasant community zones. We designed the workplace for the largest Slovak provider of web hosting services concerning their strong visual style and communication through blogs, vlogs, or podcasts.


We put the office together as a computer motherboard – the foundations of the digital world. We have inserted individual functional parts into a neutrally harmonized shared space. Working with color scaling and neon reflections in endless mirrors has given the offices in many points the distinctive depth of a comic book image.


The space with a total usable area of ​​880 m2 offers employees a cozy and relaxing atmosphere like in a family house. There is also a living area with a sofa, which can be turned into a lecture hall. A pleasant place is a kitchen with a large bar table for breakfast or lunch. The office won the CBRE Art of Space 2019 and the Big SEE Interior Design Award 2019 in the Workplace category.


„For almost 10 years, Perspektiv is the best supplier I have worked with. They listened to our needs and proposed a solution that completely exceeded our expectations. They accompanied us through the whole process and were a partner for us to rely on. Top! 

Luboš Ľahký

Chief Marketing & Product Officer, WebSupport

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    Bratislava, Slovakia

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    880 m²

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    Pavel Novák

  • Authors

    Ján Antal
    Barbora S. Babocká

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    Eva Schilhart Faberová
    Lukáš Jakóbek
    Anna Dománková


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