Knihovna Prachatice

Library Prachatice

City of Prachatice

Prachatice, Czech Republic

The town has been looking for a place that could serve as a background for the Multifunctional Educational Centre and Library Prachatice for a long time. The Prachatice Library serves up to 90,000 visitors each year and organises up to 300 events. Therefore, they needed a place where there would be enough space, the floors would bear the load and there would be good accessibility. In the end, the choice fell on the former firehouse in the very centre of the town.


Knihovna Prachatice


The interior design concept is based on the history of the site and transforms the former firehouse into a library. In the renovation, we strive for authenticity and emphasize revealing and acknowledging the structures and materials of the existing building, which, combined with the distinctive red color, refer to the original purpose of the building. The result is a minimalist, clean and efficient space that offers a variety of uses. An eye-catching element in the interior is the linear lighting consisting of constellations. We are leaving a trace of an important native of Kříšt’an from Prachatice, who devoted himself to astronomy. We believe that the new library will represent a popular meeting and learning place and will be the intergenerational link the town deserves.


In the interior, we use raw materials that, in combination with the dominant red, refer to the original state and purpose of the building. Thanks to the light base and the use of colours with a similar tone, we create contrasts and a subtle gradient. The result is a balanced interior with a more distinctive signature in the form of individual elements and structures. The Prachatice library is our second library design project after the International School of Prague library design.



Project information

  • Client

    City of Prachatice

  • Year


  • Location

    Prachatice, Czech Republic

  • Size

    2500 m²

  • Visualisations


  • Authors

    Marek Hinke
    Jan Krejčí
    Tereza Novák Houdková

  • Co-authors

    Tomáš Kodet
    Aneta Rendlová
    Miroslav Vacek
    Radek Schmeidler


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