Centrála Správy železnic

Railway Administration Headquarters

Railway Administration

Prague, Czech Republic

House by the railroad. Connected to the railway, linear in essence of the plot, naturally inspired by the essence of the transport network and ageless technology, yet still current and innovated.

3rd place in an international architectural competition



Our competitive design for the new headquarters of the Railway Administration is based on the planned block development and visually connects the railway with the river. On almost half a kilometer-long plot, we create a wedge between the track and the unstabilized development area with parking lots and warehouse buildings. One of the goals of the design was to create a continuous floor area despite the narrow and long floor plan of the building. Part of the design is to set a suitable scale of matter and thus the rules for further development of the territory.


1. The new dominant of Smíchov
2. Parterre and limits as the potential of the place⁠⁠
3. Between the railway and the river⁠⁠
4. Green roofs and terraces⁠⁠
5. The heart of the house and the vertical city⁠⁠

The form of the building is divided into five towers connected by a grid of the facade with a diverse floor plan. Limits and regulations of technical infrastructure are a natural part of the morphology of the building. The individual towers are connected on the second and third floors. This creates a continuous space that connects a complex organizational structure into one whole. By dividing it into individual towers, the building adapts to the scale of nearby houses but does not lose the formal strength of a large organization.


The interiors are designed sparingly with an emphasis on quality materials and a legible layout. The interior accents a calm range of materials – a combination of oak veneer, white and gray. Metal elements from the facade are inserted into the stair railings in the interior. The offices are designed as a combination of closed and flexible offices supplemented by blocks of community zones connected to the terraces between the towers.

Project information

  • Client

    Railway Administration

  • Year


  • Location

    Prague, Czech Republic

  • Size

    62 400 m²

  • Visualisations

    Monolot Studio

  • Authors

    Ján Antal
    Martin Stára
    Peter Sticzay / Grido
    Michal Rulc / APS Projekt

  • Co-authors

    Silvia Snopková
    Sebastian Sticzay
    Jakub Herza


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