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Prague, Czechia

STRV is a fast-growing IT company engaged in the development of mobile, web applications, and back-end solutions for American start-ups. For their new offices in Karlín, Prague we were looking for a new form of open-space with a human scale.

BigSEE Interior Design Award 2019 / winner
Zasedačka roku 2016 – Chytrá kancelář / winner



We impressed the client with our approach and the fact that our and their average age in the company did not even reach 30 years. We designed the place for tech enthusiasts with respect to creating a strong community and a full-fledged environment for focused and creative work. You won’t find golden handles here, but a birch grove, gym, terrace, and whirlpool, yes.


We were looking for a new form of open-space with a human scale. Here the hierarchy speaks the language of design. You will recognize the most important elements immediately. The first thing you notice at the entrance is a seven-meter-long log of solid wood that literally floats in the air – the front desk. The podium and video wall are next in line. The nine-meter-long copper sliding bar is another cornerstone of interior design. We supplemented the design of modern offices, which shall not be just about work, with generous space for organizing events or a thematically tuned New York bar.


STRV proves that a large office does not necessarily need to resemble a call center. A modern yet functional environment where the developer can take a nap after lunch or play billiards in the meantime. The premises are built so that the employees feel good there. The austere yet original presentation confirmed its qualities in the Zasedačka roku (Meeting R of the Year) 2016 architecture competition in the Smart Office category and the Big SEE Design Award 2019.


We aimed to create space that would properly represent our company culture and serve more than just a workplace. For us it was the first time building office this huge and I enjoyed the tight cooperation with Martin and his team. It was a big challenge but Perspektiv was vital in bringing this vision into reality.

Pavel Zeifart

Co-founder & Designer, STRV

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    Prague, Czechia

  • Size

    5 500 m²

  • Photos by

    Alexander Dobrovodský

  • Authors

    Martin Stára
    Ján Antal

  • Co-authors

    František Bosák
    Otakar Neumann


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