Industrial apartment rich in structures

Private client

Prague, Czech Republic

The apartment interior in the residential project deserved a refresh from years of use. The original design from the year 2000 and the layout of the rooms no longer met the owners’ requirements, so they turned to us. Our task was to change everything from the ground up so that the family would live well for decades to come. We built the new dynamic on the contrast of raw and delicate materials.


The central space consists of an open kitchen with a dining area, which seamlessly connects to the living area of the house. The owners own many books and artifacts from their travels, for which a suitable place had to be created. We found the custom-designed shelving system of rebar bars complemented by steel shelves to be both a functional and effective solution. To unify the space, we opted for wall paneling. The principle is based on a veneered cube that continues from the kitchen along the living room wall to the hallway. By tiling the wall, we can achieve a comprehensive connection between the house living areas of the house.


The complete renovation includes everything from floor to ceiling. We just removed the original soffits to highlight the concrete ceiling. The monolithic block is further accentuated by the admitted cabling. The material palette feature the raw materials in the form of metal, steel or stone on the kitchen counter. To contrast, we choose natural veneer on the floor and wall cladding. The Soap light fixture from the Czech glassworks BOMMA hangs above the dining area as a design artefact.


Material Board

Project information

  • Client

    Private client

  • Year


  • Location

    Prague, Czech Republic

  • Size

    136 m² / 4+kk

  • Authors

    Martin Pavlíček
    Tatiana Hanzelová

  • Co-authors

    Barbora S. Babocká


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